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Work with Purpose Video Transcript

(NIK) It’s real coffee we can drink!

(KELSEY) This is how I always look.

(DARWIN) I should look at Bryce right?

(BRYCE) Yeah.

(TIFFANY) Can you get smaller font?

[snaps clapboard]

(KELSEY) How did you end up at Ecolab and what drew you to your current role?

(ALLI) So I went through college recruiting. I was really excited about Ecolab because it seemed like really big problems the team was trying to solve. Ecolab makes the world a better place and not a lot of companies can say that today.

(BRYCE) I actually started out as a temporary employee. My managers got together and said “Hey maybe a good fit would be for you to transition into more of an engineering type role”.

(NIK) I had a friend that worked at Ecolab and he just really raved about the culture. Been here 10 years and it’s been everything he’s kind of mentioned and more.

(KELSEY) I am your local pest control expert. I brag about what I do because you actually have to do some digging around, be a detective, and find out what’s going on.

(TOYIN) That’s really exciting.


(KEVIN) A lot of what I do I can’t really share with a lot of people. A lot of my family members ask what I do. I can’t really tell them too much.

(DARWIN) Oh, do we continue again? That was a very short break. [LAUGHING]

(KELSEY) Tell me about a big, difficult or weird problem you’ve had to solve while working for Ecolab.

(TOYIN) I developed a program called our Extreme Washing Program and it’s basically if they have an issue that bleach is not getting something out, they report it back to us to investigate what it is.

(KELSEY) You developed that yourself?

(TOYIN) Yeah, with the help of my colleagues of course but yeah.

(DARWIN) Although I work in finance, it’s not your typical, sitting in front of a computer working on spreadsheets. So in my second role, I was sent over to Shanghai, China. I would take point, set up time during the evenings with the St. Paul team, and then report back during the day to the Shanghai team.

(TIFFANY) Digital can be very intimidating. I am responsible for our customer portal, our food safety app.

(ENRIQUE) I pull up a lot of those reports. And every day before I go in the customer so I’m prepared. That’s how we learn our business. So it helps us a lot in the field.

(KEVIN) It’s interesting that you’re a quality manager. I’m a chemical engineer. Cause we have a big role in getting it up to speed and getting it up to you but then you guys are the ones keeping customers supplied and happy.

(BRYCE) When someone comes up and says “Hey I’m trying to put this product into a box”. That’s when I can go back to my team and say “Hey let’s try to design something that can automate this process”. Make it a little bit easier and more efficient.

(ALLI) One way that we solve problems is watching our customers’ employees. So in order to think about new programs that we can sell and new innovations we can sell, we’ll actually shadow the housekeeper for a day.

(JOE) I love solving problems. I love digging in and just understanding why something functions the way it functions. Can it be made or done better?

(ALLI) Do you think your job is impressive or noteworthy?

(NIK) Yes.

(KELSEY) Absolutely impressive.


(KEVIN) Is it really? I don’t know.

(JOE) Yeah.

(KEVIN) Is it fun? Is it engaging? Yes. I just enjoy my work. I enjoy solving problems. I’ll leave whether it’s impressive or noteworthy to others. [LAUGHTER]

(TIFFANY) I do think my role is important. I think every role at this company is important.

(DARWIN) I’ve been blessed with having great mentors. I want to eventually pay that back for future leaders.

(NIK) I think just the importance of what we do really motivates me and keeps me excited about going to work every day.

(ENRIQUE) For us taking care of all the hotels and restaurants to the laundry, to the kitchens. We all got to work together to make it bigger and to keep people safe.

(BRYCE) I think staying humble and staying hungry are big factors in how far your career is going to go. I go home every day with a sense of accomplishment. I come into work and I feel like I make a difference and make an impact.

(KEVIN) It’s not just a job, like they actually care about…

(JOE) Yeah.

(KEVIN) … this chemistry getting to the customer and that yeah I’m going to solve this problem. Cause I know that somebody else is working to solve that problem. And it’s going to help somebody stay safe or be able to do something more effectively and efficiently in the world and around the world.

(JOE) Everybody wants to do right and they love what they do. When you put those two things together it makes an impossibly strong corporation.

(KEVIN) I feel like we are kindred spirits.

(JOE) You’re exactly right. You guys did a good job of putting us together. Because I mean that’s it.

(CREW) Thank you so much guys.

(DARWIN) Thank you.

(NIK) Thanks.

(TOYIN) This was fun.

[snaps clapboard]