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Own Your Future Video Transcript

Our world is changing rapidly. By 2030, the population will reach 8.5 billion. The world will need 40% more fresh water, 35% more food, 25% more energy, exponentially more ways to stop the spread of disease. The world needs you now. This is your opportunity to own your future and impact what matters most.

Together, we’ll impact water, from mining to manufacturing– conserve 300 billion gallons of water, enough for the drinking water needs of more than one billion people. Together, we’ll impact food safety, from farms to food processing, to restaurants and retail– ensure quality for more than a quarter of the world’s processed food and the kitchens that serve over 45 billion meals. Together, we’ll impact health, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to hospitals to long term care– clean environments, clean operations, and 31 billion clean hands. Together, we’ll impact efficiency, from oil fields to refineries– produce energy in ways that protect and preserve the environment.

Join us. Shape your career with our team of 48,000 in more than one million locations and more than 170 countries. Learn quickly. See the importance of your work. Gain a world of opportunities and the experiences you need to reach your goals and go far.

Own your future. Impact what matters. Ecolab, everywhere it matters.