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Our Purpose & Values Video Transcript

Blue lettering on white background: Logo, Ecolab.
White letters on blue background: The work we do matters. Icons: Microscope, spray bottle, place setting, beakers.
Globe spins. Text: We make the world cleaner, safer, healthier
Faucet drips into light blue waves.
We protect vital resources.
Fish leap from waves near lighthouse.
Text: Ensure water and energy are available everywhere.
Lighthouse shining.
Text: Our products and services prevent disease and infection.
Spray bottle spritzes.
Plate and utensils. Text: Keep food supplies safe.
Protect the places where people eat, sleep, work, play, and heal.
Globe spinning, trees lining up below it.
Text: We touch what is fundamental to quality of life.
Rows of sunflowers blooming, bee flying, fluffy white clouds.
Figure on hospital bed, building with cross. Text: We keep people healthy.
We enhance well being.
We provide assurance so life can be lived fully.
Pots hanging in kitchen.
Text: We help our customers succeed.
Reduce risk and worry.
Free them to grow. Bottles lowered onto conveyor belt, dropping into crates.
Truck labeled milk driving away from crates.
Row of two story buildings, Ecolab truck passing Nalco tanker, clock tower, place of worship, skyscrapers.
Text: How we work matters too.
We work with purpose.
When there’s a goal, we reach it.
Bird flying past top of building.
Text: When there’s a problem, we solve it.
Person in hard hat and safety goggles.
Text: We work safely, take care in all we do.
Ecolab truck passes hospital and taller buildings.
We strive to do what’s right, what’s fair, what’s honest.
Rows of individuals.
Text: We take action together in teams.
Teams made stronger by diverse perspectives.
We find inspiration and energy in what we do and how we do it. Light bulb above person’s head.
Text: In growing, learning, and celebrating together.
Confetti and streamers flying.
Text: In making a difference and serving the greater good.
Map: white circles all over the world.
Text: Ecolab is everywhere it matters.
Because what we do and how we do it matters everywhere.
Icons: mop and bucket, spray bottle, stethoscope, wine bottle, hospital bed, beakers.
Logo: Ecolab, Everywhere it matters
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