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Inside the Internship Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: So I’m getting ready to go into the plant for the first time, and I’m really excited.

SPEAKER 2: So I’m going in for a night shift.

SPEAKER 3: So far in the internship, I’ve been most surprised with the way that things are learned in our positions. It’s a lot more hands on, not your manager holding your hand and walking you through everything, but you kind of figuring out things as you go.

SPEAKER 4: This is the inside of a cooling tower. I get to do tower inspections. So it’s really key to look at this tower and understand what I’m looking at.

SPEAKER 5: I’ll just be running different coefficient tests to see if the lube we’re providing on the conveyor belts is working the right way.

SPEAKER 6: Currently working in a huddle room with Matt and Pat. These rooms are really cool because you can come in here and collaborate.

SPEAKER 7: I’m working on a caustic laundry emulsion project. And that’s something that I didn’t really have very much experience on coming into working at Ecolab, but I’ve been really learning a lot the last five weeks.

SPEAKER 8: So another fun thing you get to do with Ecolab is volunteer. So today, I got to go to a site that works with Habitat for Humanity. And Ecolab is actually sponsoring a house there.

SPEAKER 6: We are out here at Make It MSP working on dog blankets and cat blankets.

SPEAKER 9: Look at that, tie blankets!

SPEAKER 1: Today was really exciting because we were able to offer the plant some solutions to some of the food safety problems they were having with some of the Ecolab products.

SPEAKER 2: So my summer internship is coming to a close, and I feel like it’s been a prolific summer. I think that I’ve made a significant impact.