Supply Chain Engineers serve a mission-critical purpose at Ecolab. Providing a crucial link between our solutions and our customers, we work to ensure Ecolab products are of the highest quality and are delivered safely, efficiently and on time.

From procuring raw materials, to formulating and blending chemicals, and managing the logistics of product delivery, everything our Supply Chain Engineers do supports the development and distribution of innovative solutions for more than one million customers worldwide.

As a new college graduate in Supply Chain Engineering at Ecolab, you can expect to:


Whether in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, or office environments, our people develop and deliver solutions that improve global health and peoples’ lives every day.


Work in a fast-paced, process-oriented environment, collaborating with Ecolab colleagues in areas such as Marketing, Sales and Research & Development to develop solutions that constantly make us stronger.


Cultivate and refine your leadership skills through our leadership development training program (LDP), rotating into three different roles in at least two different locations, as you pursue manager level leadership roles.

To launch your career with Ecolab, contact your university career services office or search open jobs.
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In addition to our full-time LDP positions, Ecolab also provides robust internships and co-op opportunities, where participants gain valuable hands-on experience solving real customer problems.

To thrive in our fast-paced environment, balancing urgent customer needs with a ‘safety-first’ focus, we seek candidates with:

Success Traits: Passion for continuous improvement and problem-solving; highly-collaborative; team builders who thrive on delivering daily results and desire leadership roles.

We hire Interns, Co-ops and December & May graduates for full-time positions in diverse disciplines, including: Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, Supply Chain and Operations Management.